As a young and dynamic company, KETU Construction Marketing & Trade Ltd. is giving service at "Special Applications" area, which has always been a difficult solution in the construction industry. With its trained and experienced personnel, our company's area of expertise is Construction of Turnkey Sports Facilities, Sports and Industrial Flooring Applications. KETU Construction is also the distributor/applier of many large international manufacturers for these special products in the sports industry and operating under all International Standards like ASTM, DIN,  FIBA, IAAF, USTA, USTC&TBA. Our company is also giving design, consultancy and supervision services if requested. All of the above mentioned applications are made by our trained experienced workers.

KETU Construction Ltd. has been a part of the construction industry in the fields of Construction  of Sports Facilities, Swimming Pools, Industrial Flooring and Mid Size Construction works 1997. Ketu Construction has successfully completed numerous projects both in Turkey and all over the world.

OUR PRODUCTS unlike our competitors, have a vast variety using materials from every type of manufacturer. And these products are from the top brands of the world.

SERVİCE PERSPECTIVE has been the most important factor which has brought us today. While many large companies in this market has diminshed through the passing years, Ketu Construction has grown stable and steady to become a reknown brand. A simple thank you taken from our customers has been our most valuable asset.